Memorial house of Dzemal Bijedic

For those who wish to get more acquainted with the history of Mostar and Herzegovina, this small but pretty museum is a must; it stands in the rooms of the house where Džemal Bijedić lived, the former head of the Yugoslav Government who died in a plane accident in 1977. The building, constructed in the Austrian-Hungarian period, is an example of a successful mixture of the style of Austrian dwellings with architectural features of Oriental residences. The museum itself possesses a rich collection of archaeological and ethnographic findings, as well as utmost valuable documents supplying information on the various periods of the city of Mostar and of the whole of the Herzegovina. Inside, there are areas where original furniture and objects of daily use belonging to past city and country times, can be admired.

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Additional Info

  • Address: Bajatova 4
  • Place: Mostar
  • Canton: HNC
  • Telephone: +387 036 555 215
  • Fax: +387 036 555 215
  • Mobile: +387 061 707 307
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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  • Responsible person: Asim Krhan
  • Description of age and style:

    18th centuries; Oriental / Herzegovinian style.

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