Abruzzo Region

In Abruzzo a vast natural park, the largest in Southern Europe, aims to safeguard the highest peaks of the Apennine mountain range as well as wide portions of the 130-km long coast, punctuated by sand, dunes and cliffs. This is Abruzzo, the green and blue heart of Europe, for centuries the ideal connection between the north and the south of Italy’s Adriatic coast. Vast natural preserves include three mountain parks and two coastal parks, dozens of largely uninhabited protected areas where settlements are limited to ancient villages - now open to responsible tourists – that have remained unchanged over the centuries thanks to the commitment and the passion of their inhabitants. The perfect destination for any tourist, Abruzzo offers visitors the chance to ski while looking at the sea and to dive into clear waters against the backdrop of the magnificent Gran Sasso and Maiella mountain ranges. Near the coast the railroad lines have promoted the establishment of extensive human settlements, where visitors experience the local passion for the sea, the ancient relations with the Far East and the profitable trades of a distant and glorious past. And wherever you are – on a mountain top or along the sea shore, on a hillside or in a tiny village – you will savor the scents, the tastes and the colors of an outstanding, all-Italian gastronomic tradition.

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