Veneto Region

Not far from Venice, the Veneto region offers to visitors the chance to embark on a unique journey across a wealth of historical towns of unparalleled cultural charm and natural appeal.The journey begins at the beaches of Rosolina, in the inspiring natural landscapeof the River Po delta. It continues in Adria (Hatria or Atria), a leading trading center on the coast since the 4th century BC. It is from this town and its glory that the sea itself took its name. Arquà Polesine is home to an ancient fortress, built in 1146 and turned into a luxury country house under the rule of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. Chioggia is a tribute to the glorious past of Venetian government and the "bragozzi", typical colorful boats, are still docked at the port. The journey from the Venetian beaches continues in Altino, where a network of navigable canals and rivers bears witness to a glorious Roman past. Torcello with its Byzantine art, in the Venetian lagoon, was one of the earliest Venetian settlements and the peak of its expansion occurred between the 7th and 11th century AD. Last but not the least, Concordia Sagittaria: the Roman town of Iulia Concordia earned its nickname - "Sagittarius" – from a famous manufacture of arrows that were called “sagittae”.

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Veneto region – walled towns

In the Veneto region treasures of inestimable value lie inside the historic walls that surround ancient villages. It is inside those walls that communities have come to define their identity, it is inside those walls that the economy flourished, resting on the legacy inherited from their ancestors. Such gems are home in the plain, the plateau and the shores of Lake Garda, like a calling card inviting visitors to indulge in the very best the region has to offer. Living testimonies of ancient art and a culture of “good living”, the walled towns bear witness to history through various phases of construction and technical advances. The Veneto region is a land of artists, architects and writers with solid roots in the local dimension. Even less prominent destinations – like Portogruaro, Noale, Cittadella, Monselice and Este – have much to offer to tourists in terms of food and wine, local crafts and productions of excellence, and traditional recipes prepared with new and unexpected twists.

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