Coastal-Karst Region

The Slovenian part of Istra is an hidden jewel into the heart of Europe. As early as the 13th century Portorose was a famed thermal center and today it is a modern tourist destination with hotels, casinos, congress centres and spas, a harbor and an airport. Not so far from Portorose, sheltered by ancient walls, rises Piran, a mediaeval town with narrow alleys and an intriguing historical centre. A successful salt production business in the nearby salt plants, a pleasant climate and flourishing maritime activities turned Piran into a rich town with gorgeous Venetian palaces, small squares and several churches. Close to Piran, the Mediterranean town of Isola is home to traditional fishing and grape-growing activities, that hold a special appeal to visitors also thanks to the kindness of its inhabitants. The historical vicissitudes of Isola created architectural treasures and inspired old tales that bring tourists back to the time when Isola was, indeed, an island (or “isola”). Koper, the biggest town on the Slovenian coast, still preserves the original symbols of its remarkable history. Its alleys, the restored squares and the contemporary buildings reach back from the present to a glorious past. Recently the town has been equipped with a modern tourist harbor for cruiseships, marking the start of a new era for tourism in this area.

Marittime Museum of Pirano “Sergej Masera”
Cankarjevo Nabrežje, 3
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