Herzegovina-Neretva Canton
Travelers looking to spend some time in nature will find in Herzegovina and its rocky lands an exciting destination, beautiful views and unforgettable experiences. Herzegovina is the land of sun and rocks, where glades and valleys are covered with shrubs and trees like thorn-bush, oak, ash, maple, juniper and pine trees. The landscape offers unforgettable sceneries and atmospheres that are pleasant to both the eye and the soul.Herzegovina is also a destination of remarkable historical appeal, with sites like the Old Town of Mostar (and the Old Bridge), Počitelj, Blagaj, Mogorjelo, Radimlja, etc. Herzegovinian museums store many archaeological finds and fossils from ancient history. For this reason Herzegovina offers to visitors a “walk” through time. The capital of Herzegovina is Mostar and together with Međugorje, the famous pilgrimage site; Blagajvith, with its unique atmosphere at the source of the river Buna; the peace of the Dervish House; the seaside resort of Neum and other attractions, they make the region one of the most attractive in South- Eastern Europe.

Tourist board of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton
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