Lezha Municipality

Lezha was the residence of Queen Teuta and King Gent who owned the finest Liburnian ships sailing across the ancient Mediterranean Sea. Dionysius of Syracuse occupied Lezha in the 4th century BC; King Philip fought here, as did Julius Caesar. The most powerful armies and empires - Macedonians, Dardans, Helens, Romans, Normans, Byzantines, Turks – in the Mediterranean left their imprint in Lezha. The local lords of Dukagjin left their castle to venetian rulers and Scanderbeg - the Albanian national hero - wrote his “History” here. But the real history of this area lies in the soul of its inhabitants: people who have worked and lived in Lezha, generation after generation, for over 3000 years. The ancient walls, the medieval castle and the modern city offer a seamless ensemble that makes for a marvelous journey through time, in a breathtaking scenario donated by God: the mountains, the fine sand, the lagoons and the agricultural land in the vicinity. To experience a part of European history and to meet people who wear traditional colored costumes, cook traditional dishes and whose only concern is making visitors happy, come to Lezha.

Lezha Municipality
Sheshi "Gjergj Kastrioti"
4501 Lezha – AL
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