Molise Region

Molise, a small charming region in the center of Italy, is a trove of environmental, archaeological and architectural  treasures. Its heritage defines the true identity of a simple but enchanting land. A holiday in Molise is primarily a  journey through history, archaeology, art and culture. Termoli isamong Italy’s most beautiful villages, boasting an  ancient cathedral, pictureperfect fishermen's houses and an elegant Swabian castle. Other outstanding sites include the medieval town of Campobasso with its Romanesque churches; thefamous village of Oratino; the old town of Agnone; the archaeological site of the Benedictine monastery of San Vincenzo al Volturno, home to some of Europe’s most significant late medieval paintings; the city of Scapoli, that owes its fame to the traditional manufacture of bagpipes as witnessed by a museum dedicated to this ancient musical instrument; the splendid archaeological site of Saepinum; the inspiring medieval castles of Monteroduni and Venafro; the Samnite sanctuary of Pietrabbondante; a wealth of medieval fortresses and castles that dot the entire region, and many other “wonders” that bear witness to the glorious past of this land.

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