Hadzi-Kurt Mosque or Tabačica

This mosque was built between the 16th and 17th centuries, as desired by Hajji Kurt, member of the ancient Mostar Kurt family. Standing on the right bank of the Neretva River, about 100 metres from the Old Bridge, this mosque was next to the antque Tabhana, the district where leather processing workshops were once found; and this fact reveals the mystery of its name, deriving actually from the term Tabaci (leather tanners). A row of small shops and its location make the Tabačica mosque one of the most frequently visited in Mostar.

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Additional Info

  • Typology: Mosque with hammam
  • City Zone and Address: Tabhana
  • Entrance: 2€
  • Working Hours:

    7 – 21, without religious functions

  • How to get here: Pedestrian zone
  • Parking: 100 m
  • Recommendations:

    Spring and autumn seasons are recommended.

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