Franciscan Monastery - Šćit

The monastery in Rama was built by the Franciscans in the 15th century, and is one of thirteen monasteries referred to in 1514 in a census of the Bosnian Franciscan Province. The renovation of the monastery began in 1856, and of the church, in 1873. The Monastery and the Church have been several times burnt and restored. The interior of the Church is decorated by the altar mural and the two paintings on the side walls, all dedicated to Our Lady. It is the work of Josip Bifel, a painter from Zagreb. The same author signed the installation of The Way of the Cross, painted the forepart of the choir, and signed the portrait of St.Theresa. The copy of “Our Lady” painting, by Gabrijel Jurkic and “St Francis” by Ljubo Lah are also in possession of the Church. In the courtyard of the monastery there are installed valuable art sculptures:” The cross of Rama”, by academic sculptor Mile Blazevic, “The Last Supper”by Divo Grabovcev and “The Door of Our Lady” by academic sculptor Kuzma Kovacic, the possessions of the Church. The committee for preservation of national monuments proclaimed this cultural landscape, the area of Franciscan monastery and the Church, the national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the Franciscan monastery Rama-Scit there is the House of Peace, welcoming those who seek for peace and serenity, counseling, but also those who come to a one-day fishing trip to the lake.

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Additional Info

  • Address: Šćit bb
  • Place: Šćit; Prozor - Rama
  • Canton: HNC
  • Telephone: +387 036 780 740
  • Fax: +387 036 780 680
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • WEB:
  • Responsible person: Fra Tomislav Brković
  • Description of age and style:

    Neo-Romanesque style.

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