Sisman Ibrahim pasha Waqf

The medresa was built in the 17th century by the famous Počitelj vakif (benefactor) Ibrahim pasha, who was deputy to the Grand Vizier Fadil pasha Ćuprilić until 1664, when he became a Janissary aga; the following year he became vizier and vali in Sivas. In 1667 he was transferred to Egypt in the same capacity, dying there in 1668. Ibrahim pasha endowed the hamma m and han in Počitelj to provide for the maintenance of the medresa. The clock tower is also one of his endowments. All buildings were built in 17th century. The medresa consists of six domed rooms around two sides of a court yard. Like the medresas in Mostar, the Šišrnan Ibrahim pasha medresa is one of the smaller L-shaped medresas. Here was a valuable library alongside the medresa, containing manuscripts sent from Egypt by the founder. .

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Additional Info

  • Typology: Complex: hammam, han (café), madressa
  • City Zone and Address: Donja mahala (lower part of the town)
  • Entrance: Free of charge
  • Working Hours:


  • How to get here: Pedestrian zone, Restricted approach by car
  • Parking: On the spot
  • Recommendations:

    The entire year, especially in first week of june during the Art colony.

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