Medjugorje - Citluk

Medjugorje is the largest tourist and pilgrimage site in Bosnia and Herzegovina and offers a variety of different elements making it also the richest centre in the region. Medjugorje is a standing witness that the differences in prayer may become a tremendous force which can change people and the world. That makes it a very special, tolerant and harmonious place whose inhabitants are very welcoming and courteous. Medjugorje is an attractive location for both fine ordinary tourists and the casual passers-by wanting to assure themselves of the new possibilities life can offer and as such is a unique place in this part of Europe.
The karst plateau Brotnjo or the Municipality of Čitluk is the winegrowing and winemaking cradle of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Almost every family in this municipality has its own vineyard and produces its own wines. In this idyllic municipality, which is also one of the most developed municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the traditional bond between a man and grape vine is especially noticeable in the true sense of the word. In this area grape vine has been cultivated for centuries, the best wines Blatina and Žilavka have been drunk for equal!y as long, and guests have always been welcomed with love. Wine Route Herzegovina with its slogan "With wine through time" has opened the door to all those who admire wine and the traditional way of life. In addition to hotels, sports facilities, top quality restaurants, museums and galleries, you also have at your disposal fourteen Brotnjo wine cellars where you can taste the best wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina, meet the hard-working local inhabitants and get to know their way of life, as well as the cultural and historical heritage of this area. Your hosts will offer you fine traditional cuisine carrying the scents of ancient times.
If you admire nature and honest heart company above all, if you are looking for peace surrounded by idyllic scenery, if you are always craving for understanding new things and having a good rest, if you enjoy partaking in tasting of fine, quality drops of wine and traditional meals, then the Herzegovina Wine Route is fine right road for you to take. It willlead you through time with a glass of excellent wine in your hand.

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